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Leverage The Media To Persuade, Build Buzz and Get Out The Vote.

Today's political campaigns are won through the media.  But with a shrinking news cycle, and avalanche of political media coverage, there's no guarantee that voters are exposed to the critical stories that tilt the scales in your favor and motivate them to take action. 

Oz Political is a technology and analytics company that offers an insights and data-driven advertising solution for targeting the right news stories to the right voters at the right moment.


Media Communications Transformed.



Develop a data-driven strategy that combines the most effective media coverage with the precision and scale of paid advertising.  

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Proprietary analytics technology reveals how voters engage with key coverage and news events.  Sophisticated polling techniques uncover what matters most.

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Digital Media Experts at Oz Political ensure you reach hyper-targeted constituents with the news stories that get voters to take action.

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Harness the power of the media to motivate and inspire voters to take action. 




Kevin Richards
VP Government Relations, SAP
Former Senior staff to Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA)

Jennifer Van der Heide
Former Campaign Manager, and Chief of Staff to Congressman Mike Honda (D-CA)

Mary Tabaie
National Fundraiser, Rosen for Nevada and Blumenthal for Connecticut


Hon. Phillip J. Bond
Former Undersecretary of Commerce for Technology (Bush Administration) and Former Chief of Staff to Rep. Jennifer Dunn (R-WA)

Adam Rak
SVP, Bond & Associates and former Congressional Staffer for Congresswoman Barbara Kennelly (D-CT),  Former Global Head of Government Relations, Symantec


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Media Engagement Analytics

Understand What Voters Really Care About

Engage your base, and ensure undecided voters are exposed to critical media coverage. Uncover engagement of news stories by demographic, psychographics, and geography to expose what works and reveal underperforming areas that require additional support.  Mine census-level engagement data to understand what voters truly care about.

Political Polling

Media Polling

Reveal The Impact of Media Coverage and News Events

Does specific media coverage about you or your political platform increase positive opinion and favorability?   Oz Political provides an innovative polling solution that reveals attitudinal insights following measured media exposure.  Find out what's working, strike what's not.